Poetry · Yes Boss

Wallpaper! Wallpaper!

wpid-cam00667.jpgI am a painting tradie
I paint with lots of charm
Sometimes I paint a room’s wall
Sometimes I paint my arm

I’m currently at trade school
Doing tradie things
Tis the last week of the year
Horray! Horrar! Grin, grin!

imageMy teacher is a`teaching
Us how to paper walls
And if you’ve never done this
I’ll share some paper laws

Wallpaper glue is slimy
Wallpaper glue will stain
Your carpets and your curtains
And that would be a pain

CAM00683Mix your glue with vigour
Mix it like an egg
Dance around and shake your hips
Until your muscles beg

(If someone stops and sees you
And questions your technique
Just tell ’em some weird tradie
Said she’s the paper geek)

CAM00674Before you ever paper
Make certain it’s your friend
If you ever take it off
You will go round the bend

That is the only advice
I have for you today
I now must go and sleep sleep
Goodbye, tar tar, hey eh!

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