Confessions · The Girl in Trousers

An Evening Jumble

IMG_73851. Spring has done a runner and been superseded by summer. One month and five days too early.

The last two days have been bloomin’ hot.

No surprise really. I do live on a continent with a rather large hot desert in the middle.

Australia, I love you.

IMG_74302. Berry shakes are my life.

No joke. I just discovered the mother of all cooking excuses.

‘What to eat when I get come home from work late?’
Berry shake!!

‘What to fill my stomach with when there’s nothing in the cupboard?’
Berry shake!!

‘When I’m flat out lazy (which is always) what can I munchy munch on?’

Pretty soon I won’t know how to boil an egg.

IMG_75523. In the school holidays just gone, my sister, the artist, was working on a canvass painting.

I’m also an artist.

I draw awesome smilie faces.

IMG_7526Pretty cool, huh?

IMG_7566In other artsy news, let’s have a quiz.

Q: What do artists munchy munch on when doodling?

IMG_7540A: Carbs and bean power!

No one’s told them that berry shakes are the only food on the planet.

Exif_JPEG_PICTURE4. Two years, one month and twelve days ago I started this blog.

My first post was back in the dark ages of September 2012.

This photo of a python is one of the first photos I posted. I discovered him one night in a friend’s chicken coop while house sitting.

Isn’t he cool?Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

5. I also posted this photo in the early days.

It’s one of my favourites.

And since I must now retire and get my beauty sleep (for we tradesmen and women arise in the morning when no human should arise), I’ll leave you with this poem by yours truly.

Frog Liver Soup

If Gregory Grumps
Would only catch mumps
He wouldn’t to us be so beastly
Last week here at school
He thought it quite cool
To give frog liver soup to Miss Eastly
The moment her lips
Touched the soup then her hips
Took to frightfully swaying about
Now there’s such a din
And all cos of him
For now Miss Eastly, our teacher, can’t count!

xx Trouser Girl

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