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Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow

edge_of_tomorrow_ver5_xlgIt’s been so long since I’ve written a movie review, but not because I’ve not been indulging in my movie obsession. Because I have. Like, very regularly. I’ve just been lazy. But never fear, I’m back in the critic’s seat and kick starting the engine with Edge of Tomorrow.

The star players in this movie are Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. Whether you’re a Tom Cruise fan or not, this movie is definitely worth a go for all the action fans out there. Emily Blunt is one of my favourite actresses so I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Edge of Tomorrow is about an untrained officer who is sent to the front line to fight an alien creature invasion. Not only is he untrained, but a terrified wreck. Despite trying to talk his way out of the mess he’s in, d-day comes and Officer Cage (Tom Cruise), finds himself on a beach in the middle of war zone chaos. Within minutes it’s obvious that it’s a losing battle for the humans and within seconds of that Cage is dead.

Or is he?

Waking up the day before the battle, Officer Cage restarts a day he’s already lived with exactly the same events and results. Again he finds himself on the beach running from certain death, and again dying and waking up the previous day. Live, die, repeat becomes his reality.

With the help of a war hero (Emily Blunt), Cage tries to piece together a strategy to destroy the aliens before his time looping stops and writes history for him.

Since I’m a fan of time warping movies, don’t mind some action, and love Emily Blunt, Edge of Tomorrow gets a thumbs up from me.

xx The Lazy Critic

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