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Twenty-five: The Year of the Kid


Last week I turned twenty-five.

IMG_7147If I lived two centuries ago, I’d be saying the above sentence something like so:

‘It was on Saturday of last week that I aged five and twenty years.’

I’d also be saying it in a posh English accent because two centuries ago Australia wasn’t colonised.

But I digress.

IMG_7280It just so happened that last week was one of the busiest weeks of my year. I was nackered jelly.

However, despite my time poorness, sleep deprivation, and jellied brain, I was able to whip up a party – Kate-style.

IMG_7154There was dancing to pop music. The kind of dancing that should be in everyone’s repertoire.

Like the Emu Prance.

The Submersed Fish Swim.

The Ape Armpit Scratch.

And of course, the famous Chicken Strut.

IMG_7255We had a pinata that wouldn’t break.

IMG_7257So we cricket batted it. Still it wouldn’t break.

They don’t make pinatas like they used to.

IMG_7289We had a ping pong rally on the kitchen table with my mini ping pong net and cute mini size bats.

IMG_7291Matthew was our score keeper.

IMG_7293Ali the Retired Sidekick was our game matcher, ensuring we all got a turn at versing each other.

If you look closely, you can see a head near Ali’s elbow. That’s my younger brother.

If you look even closer you can see the TV is displaying a football match.

You could say our ping pong match had background crowd participation.

IMG_7178Another game we played was Wool Laser Obstacle Egg Course.

Let me explain it. You have to navigated an obstacle course of wool while balancing a boiled egg on a spoon, without touching the laser power of the wool and thus chopping off arms and limbs.

IMG_7205It’s super fun.

IMG_7187Playing Wool Laser Obstacle Egg Course will make you laugh.

Even if it’s because the egg you’re doing limbo with is freshly boiled and smells like a farting rhino.


I suggest boiling your egg a few hours in advance.


We topped the night off with some invigorating trampoline larking.

IMG_7334Ali treated us to her Circular Trampoline March.

It’s a little hard to describe.

IMG_7337 She finished it off with her famous Bird Flap.

Cuuuuuckarrr! Cuuuuuckarrrr!


As we choo-chooed our way under the night sky, I came to a couple of conclusions:

1. It’s good to have friends.

2. It’s good to spend your five and twentieth birthday with people as goofy as you.

3. And lastly, man, I should really grow a mooooostache!

xx Trouser Girl

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