How I Know It’s Spring

Spring started this week.

I know it officially started two weeks ago, but that didn’t count. Two weeks ago, I was still wearing a jumper.

I’m glad spring’s here. Everything is warming up, and blooming and getting greener. The birds are having tree top parties and I don’t shiver my way to work in my work shorts as much as I did two weeks ago. And let me tell you, wearing work shorts all through winter can be pretty darn ch-ch-chillly before nine a.m.

You may think I’m coo-coo for wearing shorts in winter in the first place, but alas, it is the curse of the Aussie winter. Rugging up in the mornings, only means you’ll be stripping off by lunch time, only to to rug up again at sundown.

I’m essentially a lazy creature and the above procedure involves one to many wardrobe changes for this chickidee.

Anyhoo, I’m so happy spring’s here that I decided it merited a poem.

IMG_6901How I Know It’s Spring

I declare it spring time
I photographed a bee
The peach blooms are smiling
For all the world to see


I declare it spring time
I re-screwed a tin roof
A fly buzzed round my nostril
My swat told him to choof

IMG_6880I declare it spring time
The sun is smokin’, man
I know this ‘cos I’m rocking
My summer time sock tan


I declare it spring time
Cos I’m a spring expert
Today my armpits told me
When they went ‘squirty squirt’

So if you were wondering
What season we are in
Follow the above checklist
It’s how I know it’s spring!

May your armpits go ‘squirty squirt’,
xx Trouser Girl

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