Tashi and the Book Parade

IMG_6581Last week was Book Parade week. All the kids at my little brother’s school dressed up as characters from books and had a Parade. The Boss and I took the afternoon off to go and watch it.

We do cool things like that sometimes.

IMG_6567There were many kinds of costumes strutting their stuff. Cowboys, fairies, Queen Elsa, Doctor Who, kids in wigs, kids animal onesies, Iron Man, and the Seven Dwarfs.

I don’t have any photos of the kids costumes. Have you ever tried to snap kids in a school parade?

Let’s just say they don’t hold still.

I was very impressed by the teacher’s outfits. We had Crayons, Lego Men, Kings, Mario, and….Angry Bird?

IMG_6584Matthew went as Tashi.

the-big-big-big-book-of-tashiSee the resemblance?

It pays to have a Super Sewing Crafty Mum.

IMG_6582All the kids were pretty shy about doing the Parade. While the music was playing and everyone was watching, they walked quickly through it and hurried back to their seating area. Once the Parade was over, the stage became crowded with kids jumping around on it.

It’s a lot easier to be unbashful when people aren’t google-eyeing you.

IMG_6596Matthew’s teacher, Miss Hass, was particularly dressed up in book worthy fashion.

(Psss…If you look in the background, you can see how crowded the stage is!)

IMG_6591Us grown-ups enjoyed the Book Parade. It was a lot of fun.

IMG_6592I think Tashi did, too.

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