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Chasing the Sun

Warning: This post is very long, filled with many photos that portray so much silliness you may feel slightly nauseous after reading it. You have been warned…

IMG_6644I have a statement to make. Call it a confession of honesty.

IMG_6639If you’re a budding photographer looking for beginner’s tips, don’t look to me.

If you’re an enthusiast seeking photography enlightenment, do not look to me.

If you’ve stumbled across my blog because I tagged one of my posts as ‘photography’ and you’re expecting high quality snaps, informative advice and much needed know-how’s, come back in ten years time.

Or stick around. Occasionally, I crack a funny that I like to think makes up for my photography flukes.

IMG_6642The truth is I’m on trainer-wheels.

A perfectly example of this would be yesterday afternoon when my sister and I went for a walk on the beach. I took my camera thinking I was over-due a snapping session.

Here’s some advice from one trainer-wheel photographer to another: Beach, afternoon = setting sun, shadows, poor light = dark, shadowy photos = novice booboo.

I’d like to point out that I noticed this instantly upon arrival. In another five years I intend to get my head around aperture and ISO settings.

Now that I’ve got that confession off my chest, let us begin the story of the afternoon I spent chasing the sun.

IMG_6650Here is my walking companion. She’s meant to be blurry.

IMG_6651Here she is not blurry. I meant to do that too.

IMG_6655The further up the beach we walked the less beach there was to walk on.

I had visions of the tide cutting us off from civilisation, having to sleep the night in the wild and make a grass hut for shelter.

But most importantly, the high tide meant I had to take off my runners.


IMG_6660Remember this pose?

IMG_4012Vinding yor inner insect is varry important, ya?

IMG_6672While I got re-acquainted with some friends…IMG_6684‘Allo, Clouds! Allooooo, allooo!’

IMG_6667… Anna played her air guitar to Bruno Mars.

You do that on the beach too, right?

IMG_6662This photo I like. If you look really closely, you can see I’m still wearing my Sunday church mascara and I’m rockin’ the double chin.

Go the double chin!!

IMG_6690Anna modeled sea weed hair extensions.

IMG_6701And I modeled peace signs and my ‘He is my brother’ T-shirt (last year’s Christmas present).

I have a strange family.

IMG_6702‘And now, ladiez and gentz, may I present to you zee sea? An oceanic body of zaline water that compozez much of our plant’s hydrozphere. Note the way zee zurface water vizes to form a tunneling effect upon zee zandy beach and then withdrawz back out to the main body of vouter like a zlinky going down a flight of stairz…’

IMG_6703‘Andz now I vill point to zee zea, leaning on a vunny angle and pull a vace, strangely rezembling a hypo turtle on ved cordial.’

IMG_6706While Anna took over the camera, I podded on in search of the sun.




IMG_6719I vound zit!

IMG_6717Oh zun! Zou art my interzal twainner-zeel votografer vend. I a’vove vou!

IMG_6726Anna hardly noticed the sun. She was still rockin’ to her iPod.

IMG_6729But I noticed the beautiful sun.

Especially, when I tried to take a selfie and went a tad overboard with the zoom.

IMG_6730Ahhhhhh…that’s better.



IMG_6754Look, I’m a birdy.

IMG_6757Cuuukarrr! Cuuukarrr!

IMG_6758I love you, sun!!!!

IMG_6759Weeeeeeeeee!!! Jumpy!

IMG_6760Star-fish neck-crink jumpy!

IMG_6763Uh. I think we’ve run out of jumpy juice.

IMG_6769Speaking of neck crinks….



IMG_6786Anna’s got a shadow beard!

IMG_6787Hat hair, anyone?

IMG_6780Ooooo….look! Pretty cloud.

(In other news: We had to run home on the way back because of this pretty cloud. We got soaked. My calfs hate me. My lungs are still regaining their breath. I nearly died, man.)



(But let us continue…)

Sausage lips!

IMG_6790And finally, frowny sausage lips!

(Seriously, who is this person.)

IMG_6805I’m really glad we went chasing the sun yesterday.

You’re probably not. You clicked on my ‘photography’ tag to learn serious things about advance ISO and aperture techniques.

But then you wouldn’t have discovered the existence of weirdos.

Now you’ve seen it with your own eyes.

One thought on “Chasing the Sun

  1. To the ametur photographer I say this……I am really glad we went chasing the sun too, even though my caves kill, head hurts, and I was furiously freezing but……my cheeks hurt from the smiles so it was worth it!! When can we go next??

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