First Driving Lesson

Remember the time you drove a car for the very first time in your life? Remember the adrenaline rush? The fear/excitement/coolness/man-I’m-SO-gonna-rock-this-driving-gig?

I do. You probably have your own version of that life changing, freedom breathing experience.

Which leads me to my next question….

IMG_6544Was this your reaction to the wheel of freedom?


IMG_6543Yesterday evening, Anna Goanna when for her first official I’m-licensed-to-do-doughies drive.

In a manual car.

Otherwise known as a real car.

Otherwise known as the Barina Batmobile.

Otherwise known as the Pregnant Flea.

🙂 Don’t ask.

IMG_6544This was her reaction to the wheel of freedom.

Okay. So maybe she wasn’t crying for our mummy and maybe she was technically hiding from my flash, but she HAS been dreading this day for many a moon.

She’s one of those odd cookies that was born shy a few choc chips.

She’s yet to grasp the magnitude of the gift of driving.

Not getting her license isn’t really an option. Firstly, because you can’t survive in the country without a car (our bus service is sporadic at best and unless you’re super rich, taxis are an expensive option).

Secondly, I would never allow her to deny me the pleasure of giving her her first driving lesson.

Uh ahh.

IMG_4953Would you trust this person to give you your first driving lesson?

I know you said yes.

IMG_6539There’s something to be said about being the driving instructor of someone who’s never driven a car before. The temptation to recite spooky car stories is overwhelmingly delicious.

However, I did exercise restraint and stuck to anecdotes along the lines of:

‘Indicate to the right.’

‘Pull the clutch out until you feel the tug.’

‘We’re going to turn now so shift down to first gear.’

‘Now, watch out for this wall up ahead. Turn…turn…break….BRAAAAAKE!!!!!’

True Story

Anna Goanna nearly crashed the Pregnant Flea into the wall of the town train station wall while turn into a parking space. The Green Batmachine was saved from an engine crushing catastrophe by a quick panic-fueled maneuver from her highly trained instructor (the Yank-Da-Veel-‘n-Piggy-Squeal technique. Please refer to your driving manual for further details). No one was harmed during the incident and the budding driver learned an important lesson in Wall Avoidance (see Chapter Six of your manual for a detailed list of things you should avoid).

IMG_6546Despite Anna’s gear-change terror, two engine stales and the time I laughed when she bunny hopped us down the street, I think it all went quite well.

I must have done something right because when night fell and we switched seats for the drive home, She-Who-Would-Rather-Passenager was rosy cheeked….

…and grinning.

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