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Who’s That Weirdo?


I have four things to say about this photo.

1. We had a church surf camp over the weekend. It was a nice time away from routine. It was windy, cold and overcast, but you really can’t be choosy about weekends away from laundry washing and house cleaning.

2. I didn’t surf.

The last time I surfed I was twelve and Dad took me out passed the kiddie waves to the big kiddie waves. I got dumped, hit on the nonker by my surf board, and swallow half the southern pacific ocean.

So began and ended my surfing career. If not for that experience, I’m 100% certain I would be curving up waves like nobody’s business.

3. My sister is related to the bear species.

Just look at her grinning koala cheesy. Don’t be fooled by her apparent human normalness. It’s just a clever camouflage.

4. I have no idea who she’s clinging to.

Does anyone know who that weirdo is? Seriously, someone needs to teach that girl how to pose like a normal person.

Happy Weird Tuesday, guys!
xx The Weird One

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