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Tradie Joys

20140820-173736.jpgIt sometimes happens in this interesting life of mine that I do interestingly manly things. It is quite common for me to be found in a sweaty compromised situation.

Like the time I helped the Boss dig a trench for the plumber.

(If you ever wish to accurately test your fitness level you should try digging a trench for a plumber. The results are very revealing.)

Some weeks, I don’t touch a brush or roller. Some weeks my arm biceps hope they never see brush bristles again. I tell them to not to be big babies.

You talk to your arm biceps too, right?

20140820-173801.jpgThis week I grounded rust off a tin roof.

Hey, I have a joke for you. What did the girl with the big mama drill say to the rust?

‘Rust thou days art numbered! Mwahahahahaha!’

20140820-174207.jpgI need to work on my evil laugh.

Usually, roof jobs are a one person job, but the Boss needed my awesome rust grounding skills, and to keep his roof harness rope and spray gun hose out of the fresh paint.

20140820-174551.jpgThis is me wearing my harness while holding the Boss’s harness.

Ever worn a roof harness?

Did you know when you wear a roof harness you get 1.4 wedgies a minute?

That’s a lot of wedgies a day.

20140820-174112.jpgAnd when you experience that many wedgies in a working day, you sure look forward to the last bit of roof that needs painting.

Happy Roof Harness Wedgie Day to you all!

xx Trouser Girl


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