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Use It Or Lose It

IMG_6496If you don’t use it, you lose it.

Whoever said that was one darn, smart cookie. I mean, can you get any more profound and accurate than that? It is, however, the sort of revealing Truth 101 you’d rather hear once every ten years.

I am currently experiencing a dose of that brand of profound. I haven’t picked up my camera in, what feels like, ten billion years and yesterday I grabbed it in a hurry. I was commissioned to snap Pumpkin (otherwise known as my sister) as she blew out the candles on her sixteen birthday cake.

It was an important moment in time one has only a shot or two at capturing.

(Personally, you wouldn’t get me to relive my sixteenth year if you paid me in fruity Skittles and flew me to the moon and back, but anywhosey.)

IMG_6498Not only did I feel like I was holding an Unidentified Snapping Object as I attempted to get cake and Pumpkin sister in focus, I realised I’d lost all ability to turn on my flash. In fact, it’s been a whole day and three quarters and I still don’t have a clue how to get the darn thing to work.

After the cake celebration at church yesterday, my sister and my mum came around for a girly night in with chocolate and chick flicks.

Do you think I could record our grinny grins? Oh no. I just got a blurred out mess because the flash wasn’t on and the shutter drank in light like a dehydrated camel.

IMG_4118This photo here is a perfect demonstration of what I once had and used.

Dim light in a cafe? Pfft! I have my flash on, matee-yos!

IMG_3615Needing a bit of light to capture my uncle’s look of you-got-me surprise?

Too easy. Ping, ping, goes my flashy thing!

IMG_5269What about outside in the sunshine capturing the local wild life?

Sure, I had no need to turn the flash on with all that gorgeous sun light, BUT AT LEAST I KNEW HOW TO TURN IT ON!IMG_6445Nemo’s beak biting aggression very accurately and profoundly reflects my own in this can’t-work-my-flash stage of my life.

‘Use it or lose it.’

If I ever get my hands on that profound quoting cookie…


Things just might get ouchy ouchy is all I’m saying.

xx Trouser Girl

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