Nemo Gets Trimmed

IMG_6457Nemo the bird
Named after the fish
Lives in a white cage with my folks

My sister says ‘she’
My mother says ‘her’
But to me he’s always been a bloke

IMG_6448Yellow and fluffy
Endearing and cute
Whenever you are in the good book

Feisty and mad
Snappy and wild
If you play the role of the crook

IMG_6455This week Mum and I
Braved fingers and hands
And as you can bet, birdy outrage

Our mission was pure
A task wild and game
Hatched as he doze snug in his man cage

IMG_6459‘Her toe nails are long
They catch on the wire,’
Said Mum deadly seriously grim

‘There’s no other way’
Said I practically
‘We have to give bird claws a trim’

IMG_6445What followed I can’t
In conscious write down
Nemo said some things quite unpleasant

While Mama Bear trimmed
Dear Nemo held I
Taking all of the beak biting brunt


This is a long poem
About trimming nails
On feathery pets with a temper

To those in my boat
I only can hope
This mission you pleasantly weather

IMG_6458If not then I’m sure
It will be alright
A pat and a rub will sooth anger

Top up their seed feed
Say ‘I love you mate’
Then run like you’re chased by a ‘gater!

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