Country Life

The Volkswagen Holdup

IMG_6385This morning I became a hostage of the Volkswagen Spectacular Show. Literally. They shut off all traffic on the main street of my small coastal country town.

I live on the main street.

On the main street live I.

I live the main street on.

Comprendo amigo?

IMG_6387If a giant, who grew magic beans that could transport you to other worlds, had of been let lose in my town because he was bent on killing Prince Charming (who he believed had killed his family when in fact it was Charming’s evil twin brother), I could have very well been a Giant-squashed human-pattie because escaping in my Barina Batmobile would have been fruitless!

I will not, at this time, disclose how many Once Upon A Time episodes I watched last night.

IMG_6382Since I was house bound for a several hours, and it was Saturday, and I didn’t have any pressing matters to attend (like running for my life from bearded vengeful giants), I took a stroll down Volkswagen Lane.

IMG_6408I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

IMG_6351My parents used to own a blue VW transporter. It was our family car for years. It had the engine in the back and always seemed to chose our long road trips to break down or run out of water.

Guess where all our luggage went when Dad had to look at some engine part?

In a pile on the side of the highway.

Good times.

IMG_6392One of the things I enjoyed about today was checking out people’s car accessories. We’re talking dream catches, teddy bears, dancing Hawaiian figurines, VW toy cars, a giant stuffed Pooh Bear on the front bumper bar and…


IMG_6402Some of the cars I saw were shy of a few nuts and bolts.

IMG_6395Some were ready to hit the beach.

IMG_6370Some would have been older than my grandpa.

IMG_6369And may or may not have needed a few litres of rust converter.

IMG_6400Actually, when I got home I realised I’d taken more photos of the rusty cars than of the nice shiny painted ones. I don’t know what this says about me.

Maybe that I’m an old fashion soul.

Or that I’m partial to the aged look.

It could be because I once owned a ’82 Datsun who leaked water on the floor when it rained, crawled up hills at 50kms an hour, gave my NRMA road service membership a run for its money and whom I fondly grounded rust off every year and patched with Builder’s Bog to pass another Rego check.

IMG_6411One might say I have a disturbing love affair with rusty things.

Today proved that I’m not the only one.

IMG_6354I must say though, out of all the lovely shiny cars and all the deliciously rusty ones, this one took home the prize of ‘Favourite’ for me.

Check. Her. Out.

How could you ever be down in the glumps sitting behind the wheel of a beauty like this? You couldn’t, that’s how.

Give me a pink bumper bar, a pop-top and a whole load of flower power.

That’s what I call driving in style.

xx Trouser Girl

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