How To Stack At Sand Dune Surfing

IMG_5977This week just gone, I was away on holiday helping out at a church kids camp.


I then went and spent the weekend with Ali the Sidekick, arriving home rather late last night.


I’ve decided I’m never leaving home again.



There’s just way way way waaaaaaay too many things to come home to.

Like a mountain of laundry washing.

I kid you not.


My to-do list is so darn long, with some strategic calculations I’ve concluded I must arise every morning at 5 a.m. for the next week to catch up.


Since that reality sends shivers down my hairy arms, I would now like to focus on these photos of my brother sand dune surfing at the camp I was at.

You’re going to like the next one.


On nights when I stare glumly into a 5 a.m. future, I like to ignore reality and focus on more interesting contemplations.

Like how much sand my younger brother is about to eat in this photo and whether it occurred to him that grinning was perhaps a bad idea.


Because when you sand dune stack, sand becomes you bestest friend.

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