Yes Boss

The Work Story

Disclaimer: The following story was photographed on my very old iphone. On a good day it takes blurry photos. On a really good day you can make out facial features. I like to dream about the day they make a pocket size version of my DSLR. Then I will unleash my photo evil frenzy on the world! Mwahahah!



Once upon a time I went to TAFE and drew coloured circles on paper.

IMG_0666It was fun fun.

IMG_0683I use an elevated work platform and went really, really high.

IMG_0663I accidentally photographed a blurry picture of the ground.

IMG_0685This week, the Boss was on the roof with his best friend, Drill Drill.

IMG_0698We spent two days lifting ouchy tiles up and down a roof to fix sarking holes.

IMG_0692 I hate ouchy tiles.

IMG_0711I met a dog who stuck its tongue at me.

IMG_0706I told her that was rude. She just ignored me.

IMG_0687My phone was so stinky-stinky slow and made me take photos of things without meaning to.

IMG_0688So I photographed my feet.

The End.

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