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Movie Review: Epic

Epic-Banner-Mary-KatherineEpic is a film with some big names behind it, as well as great graphics, good story line, humour, and even some good family morals thrown into the mix. Beyoncé Knowles, Colin Farrell, Josh Hutcherson and Amanda Seyfried are some of the names you’ll hear in this animation, which came as a surprise, as I only recognised Beyonce’s voice while watching it.

Epic is the story of M.K., a teenage who arrives on her dad’s doorstep with hopes of improving their estranged father-daughter relationship. Her father is adamant that little people, flying on birds, reside in the forest around their house. He just wants the chance to prove it. M.K. just wants a dad whose normal.

When her dad’s three legged dog runs off into the woods with M.K. hot in pursuit, things change dramatically for a girl who has her feet firmly planted on the ground. With an evil Boggan bent on forest domination, a bunch of ninja fighting Leaf Men, two hilarious slugs and the life of the forest at stake, M.K. is about to find out that maybe her dad isn’t as crazy as she thought.

I introduced my animation-obsession sister to Epic the other night and we both agreed it earns a five out five star.

A great film for kids and anyone into animations.


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