Being Rubber Band Man

My little brother has caught the rubber-band-bracelet-making bug. If you haven’t heard of this bug yet, just talk to a second grader. They’ll clue you in.

Essentially, kids everywhere are making bracelets out of coloured rubber bands.

I’ve dubbed Matthew, The Rubber Band Man. He’s been making bracelets wherever he goes.

Case in point, last Sunday after church.

IMG_5558Four Ways to Becoming Rubber Band Man

1. Make bracelets from rubber bands everywhere.

In the car.

At school.

After church.

While mum makes dinner.

Practise, practise, practise.


2. Pull funny faces while making your bracelets.

One of the more vital steps.


3. Have way to much fun creating funky jewlery made from the latex of a tropical plant.

Who knew.


4. And finally, get your moves right.

You never know when someone might be lurking around with a camera.


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