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Movie Review: Maleficent

Maleficent-(2014)-149Okay. Cards on the table. This movie, Disney’s most recent, is one of the best Disney I have seen. I’m probably going to be saying that about every Disney film I see in the coming years because they keep making them better and better. However, let us remain in the present and state that when I went to the cinema last night, I was blown away.

(We could discuss how it doesn’t take much to blow me away, how I’m a Disney fan, and a fairy tale obsessed individual, but let’s continual to remain in the moment and on topic.)

I love fairy tales with a twist. Period. Maleficent is that and done so well, I almost feel I can’t write a review about it for fear of spoiling it for fellow Disney lovers. I’m now about to attempt just that, without the spoilers.

The movie centers around the unpopular character in the well known story of Sleeping Beauty, the evil Maleficent. It begins with her life as a child fairy in the forest realm bordering the human one. While the humans are ruled by a power greedy king, the fairy realm has no ruler yet they live a peaceful, content life.

The young Maleficent meets an orphan boy who becomes her closest friend and companion. As she grows older, due to her power, she assumes the role of protector of her realm against the human king’s invading army. In the aftermath of a battle, in which Maleficent and her tree warriors are victorious, she faces a betrayal that takes from her not only her most treasured possession, but that of her heart, leading her to curse a baby princess with a fate worse than death.

Do you like how suspenseful I made that? That’s all I’m disclosing. My lips are sealed. No bribes will be accepted.

I will say that the graphics and special effects are amazing, Angelina Jolie is superb, and you can’t help but love this version of Sleeping Beauty.

So get yourself to the nearest cinema and find out all the things I haven’t told you about this movie!




MALEFICENTThe Three Fairies



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