Country Life

Good Morning, Monday

It’s the Queen’s Birthday today. Meaning an Australian public holiday. Meaning a day off of work. Meaning undeniable permission to sleep in until noon.

So when did I get up this morning?

6.45 a.m.

Don’t ask.

IMG_5577Down on the beach, on the Queen’s public holiday, on the holy day I got off work and should have been snoring and drooling into my pillow, I saw this.

I’m sharing it with you, even if you’re somewhere else the world, even if you don’t celebrate the Queen’s Birthday in your country, and even if you got to sleep in.

I’m nice that way.

If this photo was in the newspaper it would have one of two headings.

The first would be, ‘GOOD MORNING, MONDAY!’.


If you didn’t get up today to observe the first rays of sunlight, never fear.

I did it for you.

Happy Queen’s Birthday, guys.

xx Trouser Girl

One thought on “Good Morning, Monday

  1. Thanks Trouser Girl for seeing the sunrise for me. As a reward I also did something for you… I had that beautiful sleep-in until…9:30am. I am so glad that I was able to do that for you and all of those other crazy fools that got up early for me 🙂

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