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Vivid Alert!

The other day I posted some sunrise and sunset photos. IMG_5482Here’s another.

IMG_5492And another.

IMG_5499I’ve discovered the ‘Vivid’ setting on my DSLR.

I’m now obsessed.

I am going to photograph everything in vivid forever and ever.

Vivid is my new bestest friend. We’re as tight as.

IMG_5495At this point in my life, vivid is the answer to all manner questions.

What did you think of the movie?

What are you having for dinner?

What are your thoughts on the local political delema?

IMG_5487Until such a time as when I discover ‘Better than Vivid’, it’s best not to try to get a non-vivid response out of me.

I’m likely to just vivify you.

xx Trouser Girl.

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