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Movie Review: Oblivion

oblivion_ver2_xlgIt pays to be your own judge when it comes to movies and books. My brother went and saw this movie last year with a friend and when I asked them how it was, they both said it was ‘weird’ and they ‘didn’t get it’.

I staying at a friend’s this week and popped his DVD copy of Oblivion into the player expecting ‘weird’ and ‘didn’t get it’. As it happens, I got it completely, didn’t think it weird, and enjoyed it.

Oblivion stars Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman. It’s a post-apocalyptic film set 63 years in the future after a war that destroyed millions and left Earth in ruins.

Jack Harper is a technician who repairs drones who in turn protect giant fusion energy generators that provide power for the people who have relocated to one of Satan’s moons. The war against the Scavs (aliens who invaded) was won by the humans, but the planet is now inhabitable. To remain an effective team, Jack and his partner have had their memories wiped. They have two weeks left to complete their mission before he joins those on Titan, but Jack’s reluctant to leave. To him earth still feels like home.

When a pre-war space shuttle carrying ‘space sleeping’ humans crash lands in Jack’s zoning and then is attacked by his own drones, (which are powered by the command station called Tet), the answers to questions he’s been wondering about suddenly become vital. After saving one of the shuttle’s survivors, he is captured by Scavs who are part of the key to uncovering the truth and Jack’s past.

This one’s for the sci-fi fan. It’s got futuristic transportation, action, alien invasion, space travel, and Tom Cruise shooting things up. It’s the kind of movie you hope will never come true, but makes for a good night in.

In other words, typically Hollywood.



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