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My Day: The Beginning and End

I woke up very early for work today.

Disgustingly early.

We’re talking stumbling-in-a-jet-black-bedroom early.

It was need-a-touch-to-find-my-car early.

This morning I was up before the kookaburras could see past their beaks to start laughing me stumbling around trying to find my car in the dark.

When you’re up before the kookaburras, mate, you know it’s early.



If I hadn’t be up so early, I would have missed this. I call it My Day, The Beginning.

There’s nothing quite like a sunrise peeking through pink clouds over a misty paddock of grass pooping cows.

It just sets you up right for the day.


As it happens, I was out and about at the end of the day when the sun had done its complete arch across the sky. I call this one My Day, The End.

So I have a question for y’all. Which do you like better?


The pink dawn?


Or the yellow twilight?

Do you like those sleepy, fresh-eyed moments after you’ve woken up and beaten the cackling kingfishers? Or the moment when the sun leaves you to reflect on your departing day?

The sunrise?

The sunset?

The beginning?

The end?

IMG_5457Maybe like me you know how to enjoy both.

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