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Movie Review: The Young Victoria

young_victoria_ver2I’m a huge fan of period dramas. I love them. With a capital L. I love the dresses, the etiquette, all of it.

I must have seen The Young Victoria a few years back (it did come out in the long ago ages of 2009), but a month ago I watched it again. Normally, I almost never watch something twice, but lately I seem to be re-watching movies quite a bit.

I really love this movie. It has period drama, politics, foreign marriages, balls and dresses all wrapped up in one. It’s also a fascinating study of one of the English Queens and the early struggles she faced in the beginning of her reign.

The Young Victoria starsEmily Blunt as Victoria and and Rupert Friend as Prince Albert. The movie centers around the days leading up to Victoria’s succession to the throne, and the short years between her crowning and her marriage to Prince Albert. While her role as Queen doesn’t have the political power it once did, her relatives and subjects still compete for control and influence over the young Victoria’s life hoping to sway her towards their own political and personal agendas.

While the charm of her new life as Queen continues, Victoria corresponds with Albert, whose encouragement and friendship later sets him apart from the ones trying to influence her. When Victoria’s spirited nature and a friend’s ill advice lead her to make a politically unwise move, it is to Albert she turns to.

This is a beautiful film. Both Emily and Rupert play their roles superbly and make the movie a pleasure to watch. In fact, just writing this review makes me want to watch it again. And if I want to watch something three times, let’s say its good, man!

For all the period drama lovers out there, get yourself to the video shop and hire this one for the night.the_young_victoria06

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