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Movie Review: Last Holiday

last-holidaySince I’m the kind of person who writes only good reviews of only good movies, it won’t come as a surprise to you that I give this movie four stars. I’ve seen Queen Latifah in few movies and have always enjoyed her performances. Usually, she’s plays sassy, confident, hip roles, but in Last Holiday, I was pleasantly surprised and entertained by a performance of a different kind.

Georgia (Queen Latifah) is a shy, unassuming store assistant with a book of ‘Possibilities’ hidden in her kitchen draw. She has dreams of traveling, of meeting her favourite TV chief, of opening her own bistro and maybe marrying a fellow co-worker who she’s sweet on, but too shy to show it (it doesn’t help that he too is tongue tied around Georgia).

After a hilarious failed attempt at flirting, which ends with Georgia getting a CAT scan, she is told by doctors she has several brain tumors and three weeks to live. After the initial shock, despair and tears subside, she sets out to live her dreams in the time she has remaining. She quits her job, withdrawals all her money and books a flight to Czech Republic, where her world renowned  chief works at the luxurious Grandhotel Pupp.

With the money she has spent her whole life skimping last_holidayand saving, she pampers herself with designer clothes, tries the hotel’s variety of beauty treatments and orders the meals she has always denied herself. She attempts to snowboard, with hilarious results, fearlessly base jumps and befriends some of the guests, who believe her to be an international star. Believing she has only a few precious weeks left, she sheds her timidness and embraces life while still remaining kind and warm to everyone she meets.

There were quite a few times I laughed out loud in this movie. Queen Latifah portrays the quiet Georgia beautifully. As I said at the star, four stars and my stamp of approval.

A great girls’ night in flick!




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