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Jetty Jumping


Every year on the Easter weekend, my church holds a Easter camp and people from all over come to it. It’s a great time to relax from your normal routine, attend revival meetings and catch up with friends.


It’s tradition to head down to the Jetty for a bout of jetty jumping. We had terrific weather for it.


With jetty jumping there’s not wrong or right way to do it.


You can pin drop.


You can dive head first.


If you’re game, you can run and jump the railing.


Or simply….hover.

I’m told hovering is a little harder, but with concentration anyone can do it.


Between waiting for people to jump and others to get up the courage, I snapped Anna Goanna and Ali. Ali came up for the camp and stayed with me. It was good to have my ex-housemate back for the weekend.


On an unrelated jetty jumping note, I’ve noticed I’m developing a blurring foreground photography style. Here I’ve blurred Anna Goanna’s honker and focused on Ali.

It wasn’t due to any new found photography knowledge I’ve recently acquired. It’s more the fact I get camera-resless. I take photos a certain way for a while and then start dismissing that way as boring. So I try some other way.


Here’s another blurring style attempt.

Sort of looks spy-like, don’t you think, like I’m stalking the Munchkin.

Except he’s spotted me from a mile off, dang it.

Have to work on our camouflage, Watson.


On another non-relevant jetty jumping note, this photo is a precious treasure in my sight. It depicts two my relatives; first there’s Brad (a non-relative of mine), then there’s Timothy (my 17-year-old bro) and in the blurry background, James (my 20-year-old bruz).

Both hate me photographing them and if I posted a photo of them on this blog of mine, I might end up with a corked arm.

But I’m prepared. If asked I’ll say I did a post on our jetty jumping and this photo was a good depiction of the day’s funness.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ with it!

xx Trouser Girl

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