Egg Attack

Creative Egg Art Photography
Turn the key, open door
Another day done
Throw off boots, scrub up clean
Head to kitchen

Think of tea, ‘Should I cook?’
To lazy so ‘Nahh’
Open door, raid the fridge
Do the Char Char

Grab an egg, cooked ‘hard boil’
Attack with one bite
Think of what I can add
To my sto-mike

Then cough cough, cannot breath
Have inhaled egg yoke
Pound my chest, think of bad
Tarsan joke

Hack up air, hack up egg
Bend down at the waist
Regret eating like
Famished caveman

Clock goes ‘tick’, clock go ‘tock’
Hallelujah, am free
Gulp in air, glare at fridge
Which ignores me

Here’s advice: don’t be glut
Plan, squeeze lime
And whip up a feast
Before bedtime

Heed my words, stay alert
Whatever you do
Cos an egg, might attack
N’make you coo coo!

Disclosure: This rhyming prose is a work of researched non-fiction based on a real event and a real glutsy non-saliver hacking tradie. Researchers warn against devouring boiled eggs in any sort of hurry.

Mad Poet

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