Deck Beams and Posts


Three weeks ago, I posted this photo of my parent’s front yard. The grass was Bobcatted (that’s a word, right?) away in preparation for The Deck to be made.

Since I’m an awesome project-stage photographer (cough!) and am on the ball twenty-four-seven (cough! cough!), I now have a photo of the next stage.


Bang! This is what happened over night! Well…maybe not. Since I’m so behind in the stages, I am now going to attempted to explain what has happened in the days between these two photos.

Ahem. So obviously, there was some holes dug. And then some big poles and some little poles went in the holes. And some concrete went into the holes. And then some beams went cross ways.  And, er, some more beams went on top of them.

And well, that’s it. Ta-da!

Now you can all build decks.


It’s only a skeleton now, but soon there’ll be deck boards and a roof to offer shade and this beautiful view of the bush.


In this photo, I demonstrate where the deck boards will be.

Okay, I admit it.

I had to sneak in a photo of my feet.

Until next stage!

xx Trouser Girl

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