15 Minute Key Ring


For some time now my keys have been pretty lonely without a keyring. So today I made one using this cute elephant pendant.


To make your 15 Minute Key Ring you’ll need these things.


1. Using your pliers, open up the split ring and thread it onto the pendant. Close the split ring firmly together.


2. Cut a length of wire and thread it through your split ring.


3. Now it’s bead time! Thread both ends of the wire through your beads.


4. Take the two ends of the wire and tread on a crimp. Push it down close to your top bead and with your pliers, gently squeeze the crimp unto it’s flattened around the wire.


5. Thread on your small key ring.

Has anyone else noticed how many times I’ve been saying the word ‘thread’?

I really need another word, man.


6. Insert (hahaha!) the wire through another crimp and repeat step 4. Cut off the excess wire.

It should look like the above photo.


Six simple steps and you have a pretty groovy, one-of-a-kind, elephant trumpeting key ring.


Don’t you love making things?

I sure do.

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