Funky Kitchen Utensil Tin


Maybe you’re feel like jazzing up your kitchen. Maybe you’ve got the craft itch. Maybe, like me, you’ve run out of draw space for your kitchen utensils and need something to hold them in.

You know that scrap bit of paper you couldn’t bare to through out months and months ago? Well, now’s the time to grin at your spouse, family member or friend (who told you not to be a hoarder), and chortle, ‘Ha! I told you it would come in handy!’

This Utensil Tin is super, super easy and will take a max of 10 minutes to make.

Have you given your craft-making fingers a gleeful crack?

Okay. On your marks! Ready! Go!


1. Get out that awesome scrap of paper and also the above things.


2. Cut your paper to size allowing an extra inch at the top of the can.


3. Using your glue gun, glue one end of the paper to your can of choice. I’ve gone for a kidney bean tin because it’s a good height for holding my utensils.


4. Fold inward the extra inch at the top of the tin. Glue gun it down.


Ta-da! You’re finished.


Inexpensive, recycle friendly, quick, fun and grooooooovy man!

Happy making!

xx Trouser Girl

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