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The Big Blog Bobo Story


I’ve made a bobo. A calosial, gigantic bobo.

You know Mount Everest?

Pheff! My bobo’s bigger.

The distance to the moon and back?

Ha! A pleasant walk in the garden compared.

The time I was twelve and secretly tried to ride bareback on the neighbour’s old horse?

A pin drop in the bucket of all my past bobos.

(By the way, I didn’t even get a leg over that nutty horse. He bolted into the scrub like the fires of hell were on his tail.

‘Ride me? Not on your life, kiddo!’)

The mistake I have to confess has a very long, and painful story attacked to it, so I won’t bore you. In a nut shell, I’ve gone and deleted (by accident) months worth of photos from my past posts. Now if you visit a post I wrote back in November 2013, it will have text, a image file name and no image. I now have the job of re-inserting each photo back into each post, resizing it, configure it and reposting it.

When I founded out about this most recent mistake of mine, I punched my pillow several times. I was somewhat violent about it.

I pretended it was my face.

If you don’t hear from me for a while it’s because I’m painstakingly fixing my corrupted posts.

If you hear a scream off in the distance, don’t be too concerned.

Me and my pillow are at it again.

xx Trouser Girl


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