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Armstreet Gowns

After posting about my medieval dress in Confessions, (which I still love to bits), I went and drooled all over Armstreet’s website.

I couldn’t help it.

It just happened.

I’m talking real saliva, man.

As a result, I thought I’d share some of my favourite Armstreet gowns with you.


First up is the Alchemist’s Daughter gown.


The forest green corset is lovely, and would be, as I know from buying experience, made very well. Armstreet’s products are much more than your average party-costume. They’re clothes feel like real clothes.

Step into one of their dresses and you’ll be zapped back a century or twelve.


I love the head-dress and necklace. They don’t come with the gown, but are both accessories you can order from Armstreet.


Next in line is the Archeress gown. What girl hasn’t fantasied about being a female Robin Hood?

Me, me, me!!


The corset is the same as the Alchemist gown, just a different colour.


Here’s a rear, er, I mean, back view.


My ultimate favourite of the day is a newbie. I might have gone several weeks without seeing it, if I hadn’t posted about my own medieval dress and then given into the urge to do some good old Armstreet drooling. Which means there is a reason and a rhyme for the randomness of my blog posting. Which means I can now give myself full reign to indulge in blog posting randomness.

Not that I wouldn’t have, anyway.


Actually, this Red Riding Hood outfit is a coat, not a gown. I mean, the model’s wearing one – a gown- but it’s not available on the website.

That aside, this coat is just too cute. It comes with the red sleeves and the optional hood.


The hood really gets my mouth juices going. The cuteness of this coat and hood can only really draw one word from the mouth.




While we’re on the subject of cloaks and all things medieval…


The pom-poms on this Heritrix of the Winter cloak make me want to cry.


Don’t worry. They’re tears of joy.

I think…


If I won the Lottery tomorrow, I’d buy all these outfits, including this delicious cloak.

Though when I’d find the opportunity to wear such a masterpiece of warmness, I could not tell you.

I do live in Australia, mate. The land of sunshine and bouncing kangaroos.

And you don’t see kangaroos bouncing around in cloaks, now do you?

xx TG

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