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The Garden Deck


Mum and Dad are redesigning their garden. For his year 12 school project, my brother is building them a deck.

Mum’s ecstatic. She’s always wanted a Garden Garden.

She’s only ever had the Let-‘Em-Grow-Wild kind.


This is a view from the other end. From this angle the Let-‘Em-Grow-Wild style is on display.

It’s hard being a Super Mum and keeping up with the gardening.

Every time I go out to Mum and Dad’s place, there’s new changes. These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago.

This is where Mum’s deck will be.

See all that grass? Now, I wave my magic photo wand and…

No more grass! Bye, bye, green! Hello, Garden Garden!

Keep you posted on the progress,

xx The Girl in Trousers

One thought on “The Garden Deck

  1. I’ve always loved before and after garden/home recreations. Looking forward to the completed ‘after’ photos.

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