The Girl in Trousers

970 Days Ago



Four years ago, I turned twenty-one.

I turned a year older than twenty, four years in the past.

If you were to subtract 970 days off my age now, that was the time I became one and twenty years old.

…You should really ignore me when I get like this.

When I was one and twenty, I was mad about anything medieval and I loved photography. So it was only natural to get a photo shoot with my medieval dress (which was a birthday present from my mum and aunt) to celebrate my – er – twenty oneness.

The dress is from Armstreet. They make the most gorgeous medieval dresses. Actually, they make everything from real armor to head dresses and boots.

Every now and then I go on their site and drool over their latest creations.


I was very serious on the day we shot these photos. The lovely lady who took them could hardly get a smile out of me.

I was feel the seriousness of art.


We did most of the medieval shots outside in a field behind her house.

In this one, she made me run down the grass several times while her camera snapped away.

Ever run in a linen medieval dress and heavy tunic?

In summer??

Oh, boy…


The fact that I’m even smiling tells you how relieved I was to stop gallivanting around a field in a medieval dress.


This one’s interesting. It’s like I’m leaning with the Earth’s rotation.

Guess I was feelin’ the Earth that day too.


Themed photo shoots are a lot of fun.

I’d do it again tomorrow.


And when the photographer’s cat joins in the funness (much to the surprise of the photographer herself, but what can I say, animals adore me), it can be even funner.




Okay, I’ll stop.

xx Lots of love,
Weird Medieval Girl

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