The Girl in Trousers

Two Photos: An Illustration of My Day


Photo One:

This is what I got up to today. Roof work, though mainly I was the bellboy, or rather, the bellgirl. You know. Like in the old movies when the rich stayed in hotels and had those boys wearing funny flat hats lug their extraordinarily large suit cases around. In my case, instead of luggage it was tools.

The plumber needed his level.

Kate, the Bellgirl, fetched it.

The carpenter needed a hand with his wood sawing.

Kate, the Bellgirl, held the wood.

The electrician couldn’t find the hammer that the plumber needed to give to the carpenter who was working on the roof.

Kate, the Bellgirl, found it.

The Boss wanted to know where his yellow pencil was and…

Yes, well.

I think you get the picture.


Photo Two:

Sometime during my day, while I was snapping the progress of the workman who couldn’t live without Kate, the Bellgirl, I took a photo of this flower.

It made me smile.

It made me dream of saving enough pennies for a macro lens.

It made me think of telling you that if you ever need a bellgirl, I come highly recommended.

My resume says I’m experienced.

I’ll even photograph your flowers for free.

Happy Tuesday!

xx Trousers Girl

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