Country Life

Mr Snake

Note of Forewarning: If you’re the queezy type, cease reading. If you’re the screaming type, cease your reading. If the reptilian breed make you queezy and scream, upset your tummy juices and make you feel like you’ve inhaled helium, PROCEED NO FURTHER.

You’re still reading.

I did warn you.


In the dark ages of 2013, my seventeen-year-old brother took these photos of a carpet snake who decided to holiday in Mum and Dad’s orange tree.



Ever seen a snake up close? They’re super cool.

Since I was raised in the back waters, (a total of 15 kilomtres outta town – hehe!), I have seen many a snake in my day. Dad used to catch the harmless ones and let us kids handle them.

Ever touched a snake? Snake skin is super cool.


It’s sort of smooth in a scaly way, and moveable in a snaky way. If you wrap your hand around it, you can feel it’s powerful muscluar body underneath.

It might make your day.

It might make your eyes twinkle.

It might make you exceedingly grateful you weren’t born a mouse.

Touching a snake’s bumpy outta definately should go on your bucket list.


Snakes have flatish heads and beady eyes. Unblinkingly beady eyes. I guess it makes them good hunters.

Next time you see your mama, thank her for giving birth to you.

Thank her for not having wiskers.


Hey, Mr Snake!

How’s the view?

See any tasty mice?

You’re trying to find one?

Oh, right. Sorry to disturb.

Chow, man!

By the way, I’m a huge fan!

Catch ya next time!

xx Trouser Girl


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