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Movie Review: Kiki’s Delivery Service

515QB7J9ZVLMy younger sister is mad about animations, but more specifically, anime films. For those of you who may have not watched a cartoon since your childhood, anime is a Japanese style of movies and television. She was watching Kiki’s Delivery Service the other day, and since I was pottering around catching snippets of it, (and since my growth was stunted at the age of six, and I never grow up), I sat down this evening and saw it from start to finish.

Kiki’s Delivery Service is about a young witch, who flies off on her broomstick with her best friend JiJi (he’s a cat) on her thirteen birthday. It’s witch tradition that on their thirteenth birthday young witches leave home for a year to learn their craft and find their particular talent.

Kiki finds a coast town by the sea and thinks it the ideal place to spend her year of training. However, things don’t go as expected. She nearly causes an accident (her broom flying skills need some honing), gets booked by a policeman, and finds the town folk not overly friendly.

Her experience leaves Kiki undecided and discourage until she meets a friendly shop keeper. After helping deliver something the shopkeeper’s customer left behind, Kiki
finds herself with a friend, a job and a place to stay.images 14

Things are looking up for Kiki. Her delivery service is going well, her cat has his eye on a neighbouring pussy, and she meets some nice people along the way. Despite one boy’s attempts to befriend her, Kiki still feels like an outsider until something goes amiss with her magic, a hot aircraft goes kabooom!, and it’s time for a witch to save the day.

This movie is a great animation (the inner kid in me thoroughly approves) with plenty of plot and good characters. Now if you’re a blow-em-up-special-effects kind of viewer you may roll your eyes at this one. But if you are a fellow animation lover, or have some two legged tackers in mind, this is a great choice.

And even if you’re a Bruce Willis fan, this could still tickle your fancy. If you never embrace your inner ten-year-old, you’ll never find out what you’re missing!

xx The Girl Who Still Watches Disney


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