The Squat Poem

1424284_10152040665584693_1220995409_nMama Bear, the Boss and the Munchkin at a Christmas party last year.

The Squat Poem

My Mama’s gone all healthy
And I have tagged along

I thought it would be fun fun
But now I think I’m wrong

I have to do strength training
Three times a week at least

Apparently, it’s good y’all
But strength training’s a beast

I went and did my training
Like healthy folk should do

I went and did my training
And now my thighs are blue

I do advise all novices
That squats are wolves disguise

The pain I feel with each step
Has opened up my eyes

They tell you it’s real good, mate
But don’t believe a word

If someone ropes you in, bruz
Run like a turkey spurred!!

xx The Thigh Aching Poet

One thought on “The Squat Poem

  1. This made me laugh so much…Hey…no pain no gain…I know that’s cruel. But hang in there turkey…or I’ll chain you to the bar bells. Your loving MUM.

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