Country Life · The Girl in Trousers

Creature in the Grass

Some time ago, I was walking around the back of my house towards my external laundry room. There was a load of washing in my washing machine, freshly washed work socks and shirts that needed hanging out to dry.

I was very focused on my washing mission.

I was in a good mood.

I might have been humming.

Then I saw this guy.


Now I’m not the screaming type. Not when I see a fat blood-sucking leech attatched to my leg (Ew), or even when I nearly step on a four-foot snake (Read about that in Screaming Girls and Cold Bloods).

But I do admit to involuntarily gasping on occasion. Only when I’m startled. And only when faced with a startle-gasping worthy situation.

When you innocently go to hang the washing and spy from your peripheral vision two eyes staring at you from the grass; such is a startled-gasping scenario.


As it turned out, the two eyes belonged to a harmless Blue-tongue lizard.


But really, a girl can never be too careful. Those eyes could have belonged to anything.


Like a giant, mutant-scaled blood-sucking leech.

Ew. Ew. Eeeeeeeew!!

Give me a ten-foot snake any day.

xx The Girl Who Thinks Leech are GROSS!


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