Yes Boss

Pimping Jimmy’s Ride

It’s Monday!! It’s Monday!! It’s Monday!!

I thought I’d kick start the day with that statement. Just in case you woke up groggy and disorientated, and couldn’t remember your great aunty Maybeline’s name.

So. What have you got planned for your day? Are you one of those people who spring out of bed and shout, ‘Yeehaa! Howdy, world!’. Or perhaps you scratch your nose and blindly reach for the coffee pot?

Monday for me means getting up at five o’clock, driving to a town an hour and a half away for TAFE, or in layman’s language painter’s school. I make this trip once a month and stay in town for a four day block in which Steve, my teacher, imparts many pearls of painting wisdom.

While I sit in my car and wait for class to start, I thought I’d share some photos of what we did in last month’s block.

The Overview
Steve’s Lesson: Air-assisted Spray Painting
The Project: Jimmy’s Yellow/Blue Ute
The Painting Crew: My fellow classmates and yours truely.

The Story: This year our second year class has been merged with the third year guys, and in the third year group is a guy named Jim. He owned an yellow ex-railway ute with blue stripes down the side and was mighty keen for a colour change. When our spray painting class came up, he volunteered his four wheeled canary for a class test subject. And thus, the pimping of Jimmy’s ride began.

Here’s some photos of the before and afters. I don’t have a good one of the pre-paintwork, but just image deep corn yellow and you’ll get the picture.


This is a shot of us tapping up the vechile.

See the yellow? Tweet-tweet!


This is an after shot, several top coats later.

Waddiya think?


Not bad for a bunch of house painters.


Here are the perpetrators posing with their work of art.

Have a good Monday, guys!
xx The Girl in Trousers

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