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Movie Review: Someone Like You

someone-like-you-movie-poster-2001-1020270220Back in the dark ages of 2001, a year after we thought time would stop with the millennium, petrol was 90c per litre and I had more freckles than I do now, a movie called Someone Like You was made. Of course, I didn’t know about it then. In 2001, I was ten, was only allowed to watched Disney and G rated films, and didn’t know who the blinking bloomers was Hugh Jackman.

(Did anyone else feel the awkwardness of that sentence?)

Now I’m older and wiser, occasionally add the odd non-Disney flick to my viewer’s diet, and besides Hugh, even know about Nicole Kidman, Christian Bale and Meryl Steep.

I call myself a modern woman.

Someone Like You follows the story of Jane Goodale (Ashley Judd), a talkshow talent scout, and her take on love.  Her theory comes about after she meets, dates and then is jilted by a co-worker who essentials  hardens her heart to men. Said theory involves cows and is mildly insane, but then again a girl with a broken heart can be excused for being a tad potty.

xvo3f0Ka4VNLEsJu8nlXlYDLrwsAt the other end of the scale, Eddie (Hugh Jackman) has a cut throat, no-strings approach to love and isn’t apologetic for it. He’s a ladies man, makes no promises and thus protects himself from the inevitable heartache that comes with steady relationships.

The two get to know one another when Jane, needing a place to live, moves in as Eddie’s flat mate. While struggling to deal with seeing her ex on a daily basis, she continues with her theory of cows and love. At the encouragement of an editorial friend, she writes a magazine column on the subject. Before long, the column gets national recognition, and Jane will learn that sometimes a jilted half-baked theory might be wrong, but it might lead you to what’s right.

It’s an easy viewing, well played and amusing. If you a Hugh Jackman fan, you get to see him thirteen years younger. It goes without saying he plays his role like a natural and Ashley Judd also is excellent.

A lighthearted chick flick for a night with the girlfriends.

Find the stream version on Firedrive – .

Happy viewing!



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