River Yoga

A Long But Relevant Note: I’m not much of a techno wiz. Actually, my mum knows more about computers than I do. Which isn’t saying much because my mum is Superwoman and therefore is expected to have all manner of knowledge. I mean, how could Superwoman save the world in this day and age if she wasn’t a Computer Brain Bangoreeny?

What I’m leading up to is, WordPress has been ‘improving’ their site. I’m so up on it all that I only found out they are ‘improving’ their site when I went to post my A Flower Called Joe photo and jumped out of my skin at the size of that radiant petal of brightness. My point is: Thanks to their improvements, I currently have no control over my photo sizes.

I apologise. I’m grovel at your feet for forgiveness. I stare at you like a puppy might after weeing on your prized cow hide rug which you loving skinned and dried with your own two hands.

Is anyone else disturbed by what just came out of my mouth?

Okay, okay.

Grovelling and rambling time’s over.

Sorry about the cow hide.

Buy a made-made carpet.

And some Pet Oder Powder.

Now on with River Yoga!


If you’re seeking inner peace
A river is the place
For ditching life’s business
And slowing down the pace


I suggest a yoga pose
Or maybe two or three
My sister here will demonstrate
‘Furl hands and bend the knee!


Face the south and push the wind
Breath deep and nice and slow
Embrace the stream and feel the trees
Let all your stress rage go


As you reach out over water
I’lI tell you a secret
‘Too ateeve twoo inna peace
Be wiver yoga nut!

P.S. Is anyone else disturbed by the poetry that comes out of my mouth?

Never mind. Don’t answer that.

xx Trouser Girl

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