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A Flower Called Joe


A Flower Called Joe

I am a photographer
Who likes to snap her toes
And capture all those faces
You didn’t want to pose
But when folks sit and natter
And I crave photo fun
I hound the plants and flowers
In my grandma’s garden
I cannot expound info
On names and planting goss
My Grandma’s pea green finger
On me it all was lost
I look, I see, I oo-la-la
But darned if I would know
What this here ray of sunshine’s called
I know! Let’s call him Joe!

Hey, Joe! How’s it gardenin’?

In Other News…

How’s your week been?

Crazy, busy, insane, egsoooorsting!!

Are you geared up for the weekend?

Yes, siree!

Doing anything exciting?

Yup! My toe nails need trimming.

Maybe thinking of penning a non-sensical poem?

Naaaah. Been there, done that.

Thought about checking in with the doctor because you’re talking to yourself?

Mmmmm…. Nope!

Well, then folks…

Happy happy Friday!

xx The Poet Who Poets

5 thoughts on “A Flower Called Joe

  1. I’ll have to give a copy of this one to your Grandma. She’d be shuffed that her late summer flower looked so good!

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