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Jumping For Joy

IMG_3849Last Sunday, after church was over, the chairs were packed up and the musical instruments put in their cupboard, two relatives of mine (who shall remain unnamed), took to the empty hall floor with bounds and leaps of joy.

IMG_3868There’s nothing like a good leap-diddly-leap to get the blood cells rushing, the breathing choppy and the spirits rising.

IMG_3897It doesn’t hurt to have a camera handy to captures all that blissful elevation.

Get it?


Hahahaha………never mind.

IMG_3878This is my seven-year-old brother’s favourite – ‘It’s like Anna’s jumping on my head! HAHAHAHA!’

IMG_3877This one I named the ‘The Human Three’.

Get it? The human 3?

Yes, I have issues.

IMG_3902Of course, no joy jumping session is complete without the fearsome- I mean- joyful ninja kick.

IMG_3869The thing about jumping for the bliss of it, it’s all about the hair flying, the grins grinning and life on display.

IMG_3893And the higher you get, the better. So. Bellies up!!

Happy Monday folks!

xx The Girl in Trousers

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