Nemo and the Eleventh Commandment

IMG_3765This is Nemo.

He’s a cockatiel with one thought, one mission and one aim in life.

IMG_3766Actually, I lie. He has two thoughts, two missions and two aims in life.

The first is to disguise his inner royal grump with his Cute Head Tilting Act.

He works very hard at this.

IMG_3767His second mission, thought and aim is to butt his head against any part of the human body.

Like so.

IMG_3750It’s not a party trick. He means business.


It’s best to comply with demands like this, especially when a feathery vertebrate is the one giving the orders. It’s less painful that way. Trust me, I have years of experience on this topic; cocktiels take scratching very seriously.

For Nemo the Grump, it’s the Eleventh Commandment.

IMG_3775Thou shalt scratch me, or else!!!’

xx Trouser Girl

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