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Bathroom: Begone Green Walls!!

Housekeeping Note: I’ve decided to put a new section on my blog, entitled Home and Garden, as I’m currently doing some….er, well…home and garden things. As an introduction, I live in a two bedroom fibro house that was built centuries ago (okay, well, maybe only 50 years ago), back when people’s taste in bathroom colours was questionable (read on for more insight), and insulation was a thing of the future. My house has a cement laundry tub, windows that are stuck fast, those old fashion round light switches with the flick nobs, zero storage space and of course, no insulation.

I call it home.

And now, on to my Bathroom Project!

IMG_3651This is my bathroom. You may have guessed. Then again, maybe you thought I was randomly posting a picture of a bathroom.

I am a random kind of person.

Many weeks ago, (more than I care to remember because it highlights my comfy bubble of procrastination), I decided to paint my tiny bathroom. The lower walls are that old fibro board that used to come coloured and in my case, flecked. To ensure my top coats stuck fast, I undercoated the lot.

Many weeks later, I finally got around to finishing it off.

IMG_3654This used to be where my shower was, before I discovered leaking water under the house, and had the bath tub converted. This also was what the walls used to look like before I undercoated them. Funky, huh? IMG_3651What’s also funky -ahem- is my in style pink toilet and pea green bath tub. Remember that questionable taste I mentioned? I’m still stuck at the questioning stage. IMG_3661I have it on good authority that pink toilets flush better, clean better and generally function better than plain white ones. IMG_3669Since painting my pink toilet would only make it look more questionable, I attacked the next best thing. My green walls. IMG_3673

Part of my procrastination has been deciding on a colour. What do you match with a pink toilet and a green bath?

You see my dilemma, right?

As if happens, on the job I’ve just finished with the Boss, we were given the wrong tint from our paint supplier, but only realised it after we’d mixed up ten litres and painted a few walls. Long story short, we re-ordered the correct paint and I scored a freebie. As if happened, it was about the colour I’d decided on.

So I came home today with strong teeth-gritted vows to not allow my free paint to simply sit in the storage room, but to DO SOMETHING WITH IT!

IMG_3668 But before anything could happen, I needed to get my game face on, plug my earphones in, and belt out Lady Antebellum’s ‘Friday Night’. This is all very conducive to painting one’s bathroom. IMG_3674 Next, a few holes had be be filled and sanded. The previous tenants apparently used my bathroom walls as a punching bag a couple of times. In other news, check out my dirty finger nails. Mmmm. Yummy. IMG_3677Next, I got my brush ready. You should always sit your brush in water for 3 or so minutes before using it. It prevents the dry bristles sucking up the paint and ruining the brush. Here I demonstrate the cheat’s method (or the not-enough-time method) by running it under the tap for a bit. IMG_3678 Because I’m a dill and remembered everything, while raiding the Boss’ work supplies, except a step ladder, I used my kitchen stool to cut in the ceiling and walls. IMG_3682With the ceiling and walls cut in, it was time for – roll, baby, roll! Otherwise known as rolling the walls with paint. Or paint rolling walls. Or wall paint rolling.

IMG_3688 And so after several iPod sing-alongs, I give you – TA DA! My bathroom freshly and newly, painted. So fresh and new and painted, the paint was still shiny wet when I snapped this. The colour in this photo looks pinkish, but it’s not. It’s a pale fawn colour, which considering the colours I had to work with, has helped neutralise my loud and proud dunny.

IMG_3691Speaking of loud and proud.

Hey, Dunny! How’s it flushin’?

IMG_3692I’ve left the panels around my pea green shower-converted bathtub bare (barring the undercoat). This is because the acrylic paint won’t hold up to  water-wear every time I jump under the shower nozzle and gargle Brad Paisely songs after work.

I’m sitting on what to do with these panels. It’s not procrastination, I swear. I have a few options of what I can do.  I just need to do some research and put in some phone calls to the paint techies to narrow down my best bet.

But the rest of my bathroom painting is done. Stay tuned for further Trouser Girl Bathroom Home Improvements.


That’s dog howl for hooray.

I’m in a canine celebratory mood.

Success brings out the beast in me.

xx The Girl in Trousers.

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