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Movie Review: My Fake Fiance

fake_fiance_MJH&JLRemember Sabrina the Teenage Witch, her crazy aunts, and her sarcastic black cat? Fast forward 12 years and Melissa Joan Hart stars in a TV movie (yes, I really am trolling TV movies), called My Fake Fiance. As one might imagine, this movie includes fake fiances, fake weddings and fake invitations.

Jennifer (Melissa Joan Hart), is the kind of girl who isn’t impressed by true love and happily ever after notions. She is single and attending yet another wedding when she meets Vince (Joseph Lawrence), who is the only other single person at her table. They clash from the get-go and neither are impressed with the other. Both Jennifer and Vince part ways with plans never to see the other again.

Jennifer has just put her first payment down on a beautiful apartment and, with the help of a friend, boxes up her belongs and piles them into a removal van they’ve hired. While saying a last farewell to the house she’s rented for years, the van is pinched, with all her things. Her not-so-vigil friend left the keys in the

Of course.

On the other hand, Vince is a guy with a small gambling problem. The man he owns money to, a.k.a the Monkey, is putting the pressure on him. He needs to come up with money fast, otherwise the Monkey’s not-so-bright debt collectors will be back to do more than punch him in the guts.

So we have two people and a solution: plan a fake wedding. Vince will get the gift money to pay back the Monkey, and Jennifer scores the wedding gifts on the registry to furnish her empty-but-for-some-cushions apartment. Problem solved!

For a TV movie one usually has to take the corny with the okay, but I found My Fake Fiance funny, well written, played and executed. The conversation is witty and lively, and both Jennifer and Vince are likable characters.

And don’t forget the Monkey and his motor-scooting henchmen.

For a laugh and some light-hearted entertainment, watch My Fake Fiance on Project Tv – photo-Mariage-en-blanc-My-Fake-Fiance-2009-14

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