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Movie Review: Love Begins


Love-Begins-DVDI’m currently on a Youtube TV movie kick, which mainly consists of trolling Youtube for TV movies that you don’t see if you don’t own a TV.

Hands up if you don’t own a television.

Me! I don’t own one! Pick me!

Yes, I’m somewhat eccentric. In my defence, I can only say I have a TV advertisement allergy. And also a highly attuned sense of practicality. Why would I want to watch fifty Harvey Norman adds, that make movie and TV show watching ten times longer, when I can hire or internet stream the shorter, original version?

Like I said. A tad eccentric.

So while I was Youtube trolling, I came across Love Begins. It’s one of two prequels to the Love Comes Softly movies produced in the eighties starring Katherine Heigl. The movies are base on Janette Oke book series, a Canadian Christian author, whose written some seventy odd book.

Love Beings is the before story to Love Comes Softly, about www.pinterest.comthe young Clark Davis (Wes Brown) who’s on his way to the mine fields and the adventure gold will bring him. He arrives in town with his friend and traveling companion, who quickly gets them into a fight and then a jail cell.

While the night deputy snores, Clark’s friend breaks out of their cell and escapes, while Clark’s integrity prevents him from leaving. They have a outstanding property damage to pay off as a consequence of their cafe brawl.

Making a deal with the Sheriff, Clark agrees to pay off his debt by working for the Barlow sisters, who are struggling to maintain their family farm after their parents deaths.

LoveBegins2Ellen (Julie Mond), the older sister, is reserved and prejudice towards Clark, having been witness to his brawling, and in general is scornful of miners, who risk so much for a fame and wealth (there’s also a past gold-seeking sweetheart behind her prejudice).

Cassie, Ellen’s younger sister, has no such reservations and quickly befriends Clark. Slowly, due to his good character and hard work around the farm, Clark starts to win Ellen over too.

This is a feel good movie, G rated, and Christianity conscious. While I can’t say the script and acting is blockbuster quality, it’s a cozy watch that is refreshingly quaint.

For those who are fans of the original movies, this is a beautiful prelude to the story of Clark Davis and his family. And it’s also available on good old Harvey Norman add-free Youtube (haha!) – .

Thus I so conclude my movie review on Love Begins. If you a romance lover, give it a shot and delve into Ellen and Clark’s world. Like me, you might find yourself fancying the cowboy type, and 1850’s dresses.


xx Trouser Girl

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