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Sunday Friends

IMG_3381On the weekend before last, this girl came up for a visit.

IMG_3370Technically, she no longer claims her old title of ‘Work Buddy’ because she left for the big city eons ago (or so it feels).

But honestly, who wants to be technical?

To me she’ll always be Ali the Awesome Sidekick.

Ali, My Painting Chum.

Ali, My Giggle Companion.

Ali, My Stomach Poking Tormentor.IMG_3393

Don’t you think Ali, the Tormentor has nice eyes?IMG_3392

They’re deep and intriguing, don’t you think?

Full of belly prodding, side poking glee.

IMG_3396After church on the Sunday, I whipped my camera out and went snap happy on Ali, my sister and little brother.IMG_3395

They obligingly went ninja for me.

Gotta love ninjas.

IMG_3405This is what the Munchkin looks like on a good day.


This is what he looks like on every other day.


This is the kind of photo my little sister is okay with me showing to the world.


This is the kind of photo I’ll be skinned alive for.

If you don’t hear from me, look for my corpse under Anna Goanna’s bed, and remind Mum I want coloured hot air balloons at my funeral.IMG_3400

This is the sort of photo Ali, the Awesome Sidekick, would poke my side for posting.

But she’s in the big city now.

So I’m untouchable.


The Golden Rule with me is nobody’s safe from me when I’m snap happy.IMG_3437

It’s my life goal to capture the laughs, giggles and humour of life.IMG_3372

And to unearth the inner Drama Kings and Queens lurking inside of you all.

May you always laugh,

xx The Girl in Trousers

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