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Grandma’s Perspective

The Christmas just gone, (i.e. the Christmas that feels years ago, but actually is only a total of one month and fifteen days ago, which to my way of thinking is long, long ago), Grandma brought her photo book along on Christmas day to show us old photos.

I, the lover of old photos (preferably of the old, dorky, ‘ohmygosh, my hair cut!’ variety – for these make the best photos), asked if I could borrow the album and scan some of my favourites.img088

It’s funny how old photographs trigger memories. Like this one. I remember this day out with my grandparents in their tinny boat. Grandpa let me steer the boat.img087

We spent the day scooting up the river, and had a picnic on the river bank.img089When I was a kid, I did ballet and tap dancing. I was the tall, skinny kid in the back row. I was so graceful, I could even dance in gumboots.

Ever heard of the Gallabanting Elephant Ballet?

I rocked at it.

The pink rainbow is my little sis.


Many, many, many Christmas ago we did a rendition of Bob The Builder’s Christmas song/rap. I changed the words, roped the siblings into it, and for about ten minutes we sang like cool dudes in dark sunglasses.


If you didn’t guess, this is one of those ‘ohmygosh, my hair!’ snaps. HAHAHA!

Serious, don’t you think if my hair was shorter  and slicked back with some grease, I’d have looked just like Trinity from The Matrix??

I would have so been up for some kung fu butt kicking.img093

On another Christmas day many egons ago, we looked like this. Can’t really remember the details, but it looks like one of our plays.

Unless my eyes deceive me, I appear to be a computer, Timothy is a Canon printer, James, er, a box-shaped-thing, and Anna, a weird egg-head- kung-fu-butt-kicking alien.

Unfortunately, I am not available for further comment.

All I know is old photos make me laugh.

They make me grin. And snigger. And shake my head. And snigger some more.

And that, in my humble opinion, is what old family photos are all about.

xx The Trouser Girl

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