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Bombs Away

IMG_3024A little while ago, my sister, younger brother and I were down at the park. The same park I spent a lot of time in when I was a kid. It hasn’t changed much over the years. It still has the tunnel slide and the flying fox, all pretty much the same. Except all the play equipment has shrunk. Now if I tried sliding down that slide, I’d probably get wedged tight and have to be cut out of the plastic tunnel by the SES.

Growing up is the pits.

After running around like juveniles, we plopped on the grass. Matthew took this photo while my sister chatted my ear off. I’m currently in negotiations with the Health Department for a new ear.

He took it because he loves playing with my camera.

He took  it when we were smiling and happy.

He took it right before a bird pooped on my sister’s head.

Actually, the poop hit her head, bounced off her hair and landed on her leg.

I know. Gross, huh?

I’d like to say I behaved like the mature adult my birth certificate claims I am, but I confess I had a lapse in sensibility. Besides, it’s a sibling’s constitutional right to laugh when funny things happen to his or her brother or sister. As long as its in taste, unhurtful, and won’t emotionally scar them for the rest of their existence. All of which, in this case, was not applicatable.

Yes. I laughed.

Well, it was funny. Disturbing, but very, very funny. I bet you wouldn’t have behaved any better.

And on that gross-you-out-note, I will now exit the stage and wish you all a happy 1st of February.

Unless, you live in the north hemisphere. For you…er…happy whatever day it is there!

xx The Laughing Girl in Trousers

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